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Walk in the footsteps of the dock workers and explore the site where Titanic last rested on dry ground, before her maiden voyage. Visitors to Thompson Dock and Pumphouse will clock in, as workers did a century ago, to experience the workings of our distillery and hear the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition; why it disappeared and how it has returned to the home of Titanic Distillers - the city's first working distillery in almost 90 years.<\/p>" } }, "16648882923d5ce1f0": { "type": "text-image-block", "settings": { "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/DSC8446-min.jpg", "small-text": "", "title": "Premium Tour", "price": "£40", "text": "This experience brings the stories of Thompson Dock's rich heritage to life, and showcases our distillery's ongoing innovations during this unforgettable tour. Visit the historic Pumphouse and Belfast's first working distillery in almost 90 years. Taste both our Premium Irish Whiskey, Premium Irish Vodka and take home a limited edition glass after experiencing the new spirit of Belfast's famous docklands.", "link": "shopify:\/\/pages\/tours", "large-image": false, "show-book-now": true, "position": false, "no-padding-bottom": true } }, "1664923016c34c4fb4": { "type": "text-image-block", "settings": { "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/DSC7478.jpg", "small-text": "", "title": "Signature Tour", "price": "£25", "text": "A fully guided tour around the historic Thompson Dock and Pumphouse - home of our distillery. Bringing the stories and heritage of the site to life, you'll explore the sights and sounds of the Pumphouse, followed by a sensory experience and tasting of our Premium Irish Whiskey & our award-winning Irish Vodka.", "link": "shopify:\/\/pages\/signature-tour", "large-image": false, "show-book-now": true, "position": true, "no-padding-bottom": true } }, "b10096fb-c4d6-49fe-978f-6d0a53303fea": { "type": "text-image-block", "settings": { "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/DSC8969_copy.jpg", "small-text": "", "title": "Dock Tour", "price": "£10", "text": "Walk in the footsteps of the dock workers as you journey through the history of Thompson Dock. \n\nA unique opportunity to explore the site where Titanic last rested on dry ground before her maiden voyage.", "link": "shopify:\/\/pages\/dry-dock-tour", "large-image": false, "show-book-now": true, "position": false, "no-padding-bottom": false } }, "50139720-a742-4c8c-9395-22538abafe08": { "type": "text-image-block", "disabled": true, "settings": { "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/Mask_Group_4.jpg", "small-text": "", "title": "Linked Deal With Titanic Hotel and Titanic Experience", "price": "", "text": "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.", "link": "shopify:\/\/pages\/distillery", "large-image": false, "show-book-now": true, "position": true, "no-padding-bottom": false } }, "ebdc856b-808b-450b-8339-d57a1b4eec85": { "type": "text-image-block", "disabled": true, "settings": { "image": "shopify:\/\/shop_images\/Untitled-2.jpg", "small-text": "History", "title": "Overview of the history", "price": "", "text": "In the days before prohibition, Belfast was once the largest producer of Irish Whiskey on the island of Ireland. Whiskey has played an important part in the history of our industrial city, and now after almost 90 years, distilling returns to Belfast, at the home of Titanic Distillers. This is a revival of the great distilling tradition and brings Belfast back to the forefront of Irish Whiskey production, while at the same time telling the story of an industrial past when Belfast led the way globally - not just in shipbuilding but across many areas of industry, manufacturing and innovation.", "link": "", "large-image": true, "show-book-now": false, "position": true, "no-padding-bottom": false } } }, "order": [ "main", "16648838175d4363b3", "16648882923d5ce1f0", "1664923016c34c4fb4", "b10096fb-c4d6-49fe-978f-6d0a53303fea", "50139720-a742-4c8c-9395-22538abafe08", "ebdc856b-808b-450b-8339-d57a1b4eec85" ] }

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