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Celebrating Women in Whiskey

Celebrating Women in Whiskey

As the world raises a glass this week to honour the remarkable achievements and contributions of women across every sphere of life, we wanted to join in the celebration.

In the World of Whiskey, women have played integral roles throughout history, yet their stories often remain untold or overshadowed.
Here at Titanic Distillers, the women on our team play a vital role in shaping the business, and they all have left an incredible mark on the whiskey industry.

We took some time out to ask their thoughts and feelings about working in the whiskey industry:

Arisha, as our Brand Ambassador, what makes you proud to be a woman in the whiskey industry?

"There are so many inspiring women in whiskey; Alex Thomas, Master Blender for Bushmills. Helen Mulholland, Master distiller for Lough Gill Distillery, and so many more women leading in Irish Whiskey.

I have also had experience in working alongside Lauren McMullan of Irish Whiskey experiences and Sarah Kennedy, Brand Manager of McConnell's. I am so incredibly proud to have these inspiring women to look up to and I'm very excited for the future of women’s role in whiskey!"

Dominique, what is a typical week working at a distillery like for you?

"I would not say there is a typical week as each week is different. One of the things I love the most is meeting people from all ages and nationalities. It also gives me a chance to practice my languages. I love to share my newfound knowledge about how whiskey is made; since starting at Thompson Dock, I have tasted several different whiskeys, but I still prefer ours over any I’ve tried!"

Siobhán, as our Finance Controller, what key things have you observed working in the Whiskey Industry for Titanic Distillers?

"The Whiskey Industry continues to go through a transformation and with that not only are more women drinking whiskey, but also they are progressing in keys jobs in the industry."

Siobhán discusses our female staff's industry influence further, "Within the Irish Whiskey Industry there is a real celebration of women working in it at present, and some of our team here at Titanic Distillers will be attending an event hosted by Women in Irish Whiskey on International Women’s Day in Dublin."

Alex, what key industry trends have you noticed from being our Attraction Site Manager?

"The Whiskey Industry has a history of being male dominated, but women have been making significant contributions to the industry for decades. From distillers to blenders, brand ambassadors to industry leaders, women are breaking down the barriers and proving that they have the skills and knowledge to succeed in the whiskey industry. I love whiskey! If you learn about the process and love that goes into making whiskey, you can’t help but become interested."

Diane Poole OBE - Head of Tourism

Have you faced any hurdles as a woman in the whiskey industry?

"I didn’t know anything about whiskey or in fact liked whiskey when I joined Titanic Distillers so that was my first hurdle. I always thought it was a man’s drink but as my journey has continued my view has very much changed.

"As Head of Tourism my role involves a number of conferences, trade shows, networking and inviting Trade and Media to Thompson Dock to showcase our distillery and visitor centre. A lot of footwork has to be done and relationships developed which is vital for the success of Titanic Distillers which I am very proud to be part of."

Amy Elliott - Marketing Assistant

What advice would you give to a women interested in starting in the whiskey industry?

"Never let opinions or stereotypes hold you back. It’s a fantastic industry to be a part of with so many new experiences to be had every day with great people.
Don’t be afraid to challenge stereotypes and carve out your own path in this traditionally male dominated field. Your passion and dedication will speak volumes!"


Written and Edited by: Amy Elliott & Connor Beattie
Photography: Connor Beattie

Titanic Distillers Team interviewed:

Siobhán Winston - Financial Controller

Arisha OH - Brand Ambassador

Diane Poole OBE - Head of Tourism

Amy Elliott - Marketing Assistant

Dominique Vanden Broeck - Tour Guide

Alex Shannon - Attraction Site Manager

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